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Eye wrinkles

Eye wrinkles

Eye wrinkles, crow’s feet

In your face, various wrinkles can appear around the eyes. Fine lines at the outer ends that are always visible, but also larger grooves that appear when you smile or as you get older. Wrinkles around the eyes are also called crow’s feet and can be treated effectively. Beginning lines can be tackled by using the right skin care creams. Deeper wrinkles in the area of the eyes are treated with injectables and/or fillers.

Removing or reducing eye wrinkles

Depending on the type of wrinkle and its exact location, the cosmetic doctor will decide on a certain treatment. This treatment is 100% personal. Crow’s feet or wrinkles around your eyes can be reduced by:

Botox or fillers? The doctor will design a personalized treatment plan.

Prior to the treatment, there’ll be an extensive intake consultation. The doctor or therapist will inform you about the various treatment options and will assess which treatment is most suitable for you. The effects, benefits and possible risks are also discussed with you. Do you have questions about the treatment? Ask them during the intake meeting.
At Van Lennep Kliniek, cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst will help you during the treatment. The recovery time after a wrinkle treatment around the eyes is minimal. Our cosmetic doctors are certified by the professional association NVCG and have many years of experience. They welcome you to the clinic in Oegstgeest or The Hague.
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With Botox, the first results are visible after about three days. After about two weeks the optimal result of the crow’s feet treatment with Botox can be seen.
The results of a wrinkle treatment around the eyes with fillers are visible immediately.

A treatment with Botox & fillers takes about 15-30 minutes. During the wrinkle treatment, the cosmetic doctor will first disinfect the skin and then give several small injections in the skin. These small injections can be sensitive. It’s possible to use a local anaesthetic. Sometimes there’ll be small bruises or some swelling. The doctor will therefore immediately cool the treated area. A mineral-based camouflaging cream will conceal any possible bruises. You’ll leave the clinic with a radiant face. You’ll return for a check-up after two to three weeks.

This depends on the depth and number of wrinkles around the eyes.
A Botox treatment to remove crow’s feet starts at €100.00.
The most common treatment to soften the lines around the eyes costs €195.00 for 1 zone of Botox. The results will last for about 4 months.
Prices for a treatment with Sculptra or another filler start at €450.00. The result will remain visible for 9 to 12 months and sometimes even longer.
The rates of Van Lennep Kliniek can be found here.

The doctor will clearly indicate which treatment is most suitable and will offer a beautiful, natural-looking result.

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