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Connective tissue massage

Connective tissue massage

Our clinic is also the place to go if you want a connective tissue massage, sometimes referred to as Natural Facelifting. Connective tissue massage rejuvenates the skin and is very suitable for both women and men. The effective facial massage creates a “lift” of the face. This will give your skin a fresh, vital appearance and make small wrinkles fade. A natural anti-wrinkle treatment without a needle!

Lymphatic drainage

The manual treatment is performed by our specially trained skin therapist in the form of a course of sessions. The treatments not only consist of connective tissue massage but always end with lymphatic drainage as well. The latter ensures that the waste materials that are released by the massage during the treatment are actually removed. Connective tissue massage is a very good way to improve the skin condition and contours of the face, neck and décolletage. The treatment increases the blood flow and activates the metabolism. It’s also very suitable for treating wrinkles and scars. This special massage technique is ideal for the face, scalp, front and back of the neck, and décolletage. If desired, the treatment can also be used as an anti-cellulite treatment for the upper legs and thighs. Thanks to these deep massage techniques that act on the connective tissue, the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) change shape, stimulating skin renewal and thus strengthening the skin.

FAQ connective tissue massage

Throughout our entire body, connective tissue connects and supports our organs, joints and muscles. Connective tissue also guides blood vessels and nerves to the organs and protects them against infections. Cells in this connective tissue play a major role in the wound healing process. The subcutaneous connective tissue insulates heat, stores energy and is responsible for the transport of oxygen, nutrients and waste products. As you can imagine, all cell and skin processes are therefore positively affected by a deep connective tissue massage.

For optimal results, multiple connective tissue massage sessions are required. As the course progresses, the tissue will become more supple and the structure of the skin will start to look increasingly better. The blood flow through the skin improves and waste products are eliminated faster. Depending on the objective, treatment indication and skin condition, the treatment frequency will be determined – with the number of treatments usually ranging between 5 and 10. A course consists of one weekly connective tissue massage for three weeks, followed by a three-week break. Then the cycle is repeated, with a treatment session once a week for another three weeks.

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