Pieter Verduijn - plastic surgeon

For the past 10 years I have specialized in aesthetic surgery. The aging face has my special attention. Not strange that there is now a cooperation between the van Lennep clinic and Verduijn Plastic Surgery, to offer corrections of the upper eyelid.


Upper eyelids can determine your appearance. A correction can give you a fresher, more open look besides helping you get rid of the ‘heavy’ feeling.



After a well-executed upper eyelid correction you don’t look any different, you remain yourself with a younger look.


The procedure is performed outpatient under local anesthesia. During the procedure excess skin and, if necessary, excess muscle and fat are removed. Clients often notice that a visit to the dentist is worse.


Besides my interest in aesthetic surgery, my interest stands for reconstructive surgery. This concerns the restoration of form and function of the anatomy. I perform this form of plastic surgery in the LUMC in Leiden.

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