Magali van der Made - Netten - Cosmetic doctor

If you do it, do it right!


After years of working as a doctor in gynecology, I notice that my interest lies in Cosmetic Medicine. I want to make people happy and happy in a different way, in a quiet and beautiful clinical setting.


Ludy Holst made me decide to train her as a cosmetic doctor. I can’t help but applaud her vision on, and implementation of, this profession. Her personal approach, years of experience and beautiful natural results make me happy with her as my trainer! It was with great pleasure that I started the training at the Van Lennep clinic in September in collaboration with the NCVG.


As the first AIOS cosmetic medicine KNMG is my goal to become a skilled cosmetic doctor with a broad knowledge. Listening to your wishes, giving appropriate advice and contributing to the better version of yourself, that’s what I want!

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