Danielle Buitendijk - Front office employee

As an experienced skin patient, I know better than anyone how nice it is to be helped with an insecurity. I remember the moment when a solution was offered to me. A moment of joy, freedom, and security. In the future, I, therefore, hope to be able to help people with skin problems and let them experience that great moment.


In order to achieve this, I started with the skin therapy course. I am now in my third year and am doing the course with great pleasure and dedication.


In the Van Lennep Clinic you will often find me behind the counter as a front-office employee. I am the first point of contact in the clinic and will therefore welcome you with mercy and kindness. In addition, I try to fulfill my function as well as possible, in which customer friendliness, service and an eye for the client are central. In this way I am already part of the “great moment” and I hope you will go home with a satisfied feeling.

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