Danielle Buitendijk - skin therapist

Beauty is not made overnight


The skin is our largest organ and needs daily attention, just like our teeth. However, due to the wide range of cosmetic treatments and skin-enhancing products, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what is good for your skin. As a skin therapist I therefore like to share my knowledge and try to explain in understandable language what your skin needs and why. Because the more you understand about the functioning of the skin, the better you will take care of it and that makes everyone happy!


After two years of working as a front office employee at the Van Lennep Kliniek, I started working as a skin therapist after graduating in skin therapy. I think the Van Lennep Kliniek is a very energetic and innovative company. There is always room for improvement. In addition, there is close cooperation between cosmetic doctor and skin therapist which leads to the best results!

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