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Upper eyelid correction

Upper eyelid correction

Heavy, drooping eyelids can sometimes cause headaches, but also an angry or tired look. In such cases an upper eyelid correction can provide a solution and a fresh, rested look.

Veilig en mooi een bovenooglidcorrectie laten uitvoeren door onze plastisch chirurg

Suspended eyelids can even obstruct vision in some cases. Excessively heavy upper eyelids are then compensated by continuously raising the eyebrows. Constantly raising eyebrows and the forehead causes ever-deepening wrinkles in the forehead.

An eyelid correction is a common and rewarding procedure with a great rejuvenating effect.

Specialized in eyelid corrections

Our plastic surgeon, Drs. Verduijn, specializes in eyelid corrections. He can assess whether you have a suitable indication for this procedure. Because of his broad knowledge, he can also give you alternative advice, which may delay this procedure for a number of years.

When an eyelid correction?

It often happens that the skin around the upper eyelids stretches so much that it hangs over the eyeball. This is called blepharochalasis. The skin around the eyelids is very thin so that over the years it loses its elasticity faster and the connective tissue slackens. This is sometimes accompanied by the bulging of fatty tissue in the eye sockets. Suspended eyelids are part of a natural aging process, but that process can be accelerated by excessive exposure to the sun, smoking, or a hereditary predisposition.

Common complaints are hanging eyelids:

  • Excess skin from the upper eyelids;
  • Impaired vision, limitation of the field of vision due to skin hanging over the edge of the eyelid;
  • A sticky feeling of the upper eyelid (sometimes red irritation or blemishes);
  • Tearing, or dry eyes;
  • A tired feeling due to heavy eyelids;
  • An oppressive feeling on the eyelids;
  • Headache caused by muscle tension in the forehead by the continuous raising of the eyebrows;
  • Look tired or older;
  • Problems when applying makeup, or the makeup doesn’t stay put.

Are the above complaints recognizable? Make an appointment for a free consultation with our plastic surgeon.

Herstellen na een onder- of bovenooglidcorrectie

Consult for upper eyelid correction

During the consultation you will meet the plastic surgeon and your wishes will be discussed. We look at the position of the upper eyelids and the degree of excess skin. The doctor will ask which complaints you experience. Then you will receive extensive information about how the treatment works, the pre- and aftercare, the expected result and the risks. Of course there is room for questions. At Van Lennep Clinic, the doctor who does the intake is always the attending physician who performs the operation.

Treatment eyelid correction

The plastic surgeon will take photos for the medical file prior to the operation and you will sign a treatment agreement. Subsequently, the doctor will accurately mark on the upper eyelid how much skin needs to be removed. The face will then be cleaned with disinfectant and sterile cloths will be placed around the face.

The procedure takes place under local anesthesia. With a local injection, the skin and underlying tissue are anesthetized. You will have no pain during the procedure. When the anesthetic is applied, a strip of skin and a small piece of eye ring muscle will be removed. Small blood vessels are immediately burned shut. If there is too much fat, it will also be removed. Then the wound is sutured and small adhesive patches are stuck on top of it that remain in place for a week until the stitches are removed. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Aftercare and recovery

After the operation, cooled gauze is placed on the eyes. This cooling reduces swelling and the onset of bruising. After 15 minutes of cooling you may go home under supervision. It is advisable to bring sunglasses for the return trip, so that you do not have to squeeze your eyes against the light.


Repair eyelid correction per day

Once at home it is wise to cool for 15 minutes every hour. For example by putting a bag of frozen peas with a cloth in between on the eyes. Despite proper cooling, the eyelids will swell slightly and bruising may occur. After about three days this will diminish by itself.

Try to avoid tension on the eyelids as much as possible during the week after surgery by avoiding bending and lifting. Also try to sleep with an extra pillow under your head, so that you lie a little higher and the moisture can drain away more easily. An upper eyelid correction usually does not cause much post-operative pain. If you still suffer, take a paracetamol.

After a week the stitches are removed and you are usually presentable again. Eye make-up is only allowed after two weeks. Protect the scar well against the sun during the first period with a UV filter.


After the eyelid correction the result is quickly visible and you will notice that you will have a fresh look again, look less tired and the application of eye make-up will be easy again. It is a subtle difference, but will make you look years younger. During the final check-up at the clinic, pictures will be taken before and after the eyelid corrections for in your medical file.

Ooglidcorrectie voor en na

Treatment prices and fees

For the current treatment prices we refer you to our rates page.
Van Lennep Kliniek has no contracts with health insurers, so these costs are not reimbursed. However, we can mention the AGB code of the doctor and the diagnosis on the invoice, so you can submit it to your health insurer yourself. Please keep in mind that most insurers only reimburse from the supplementary insurance in case of very severe field of vision limitation.

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