Your wish for improvement

  • Are you told that you have a gloomy appearance?
  • Do you feel like your skin is sagging and/or thin and would like a tighter face?
  • Are your cheeks a little sunken, do you feel like you lack volume?
  • Is your jawline not tight? Or does your face bother you when you see yourself from the side?
  • Do you have drooping corners of your mouth, so that you feel like you always have to smile?

Our solution

Is this recognizable? Then a PRO Tightening combination treatment may be the right choice for you.


There’s no getting around it: as we age, our skeleton shrinks, the amount of subcutaneous fat decreases, and our skin becomes thinner and saggier – resulting in sagging skin on our faces. The good news is: fortunately, we can do something about it! With the PRO tightening treatment, we focus on the cause of a problem and not directly on the effect. We bring thickness back to your skin, we add padding under your skin and firm the fatty tissue in your face for a lifting effect. We look at the different layers and zones of your face to determine where the areas for improvement lie and we determine what really suits your face and appearance. The result is a tighter and more harmonious face, where we do retain your authentic look.

What is PRO Tightening?

The PRO Tightening is a combination treatment of different injectables for different areas of the face that is specifically formulated to correct facial sagging. This is because the natural aging process never takes place in one area, but affects the entire face. Sagging can be experienced along your jaw line, for example, or because your cheeks have sunken a bit or you see a nasolabial fold develop. During an intake interview with the doctor, together we extensively analyze your entire face and appearance. We look at your anatomy, facial expressions, dynamics, degree of aging and what characteristics are causing your undesirable appearance. We take the PRO Tightening treatment as a basis and customize it for you. We remove the unwanted features without unnaturally changing your own unique face.

What makes our PRO treatments unique?

We always listen to your story and improvement needs first. We focus on the ‘total face approach’ – we look at the total picture and no detail will go unmentioned. We take one of our PRO treatment as a starting point and tailor it to your face and wishes. In addition, we make with you a personal plan for the long term. We like to look beyond one treatment. The continuity and combination of treatments effectively curbs skin aging, volume loss and sagging of subcutaneous tissue. For example, we combine this PRO tightening treatment with a GLOW skin treatment and HOME skin care products that keep the skin thick and resilient to fillers well preserved. By combining treatments that have the same goal, you ensure a faster and longer lasting effect.

The PRO Tightening step by step guide

We start with a telephone pre-consultation with one of our beauty consultants. During this consultation we will ask you some questions about your improvement wishes. This way we can estimate which PRO treatment best suits your situation and wishes and with which doctor we can plan an intake.

The intake is with one of our doctors. During this intake we will again discuss your wishes together and we will extensively analyze your face. This way we can properly advise you on which areas of the face and how many injectables we could place. If we think you would be better off with a surgical elevator instead of injectables, we will certainly indicate this. In addition, together we’ll draw up a personal plan. We look at what additional and maintenance treatments are appropriate for optimal and lasting results. This way we can also give you an indication of the costs.

On the day of treatment we start with a short preparatory talk and take pictures to compare the results later. You also sign the treatment agreement. Then the treatment begins. We treat according to the MD codes. This means that we divide your face into different zones, with different defined injection points. This allows us to strategically place small amounts of injections at these points. By working according to this method, we maintain the balance of your face and know exactly what results to expect.  We use an anesthetic called lidocaine, so the treatment is hardly painful. To prevent bruising, we use an ultra-thin cannula. The cannula has a rounded tip instead of a sharp one, which greatly reduces the chance of bruising and makes any swelling disappear faster.

You can go home immediately after the treatment, without supervision. You will receive detailed aftercare instructions, which you can quietly read. Immediately after the treatment, small swellings may be visible. Sometimes there are some bruises to be seen. You may apply makeup over this, but make sure you apply the makeup with clean fingers or brushes. Because of the anesthesia, the treated area is hardly painful, but this can cause a slightly stiff and sore feeling.

What else can you take into account? We recommend not to exercise intensively, go to the solarium or sauna or undergo any beauty treatment for the first two days after the treatment. In addition, protect the treated area well with sunscreen with factor 50. Should swelling last long, or do you have questions about aftercare? Then you can of course contact the clinic.

Everyone recovers differently from a treatment with injectables. In general you can see the results after 2 days, but after a month the results are at their best. All injectables are non-permanent, or temporary. Our experience is that you will see the effect of a PRO beautification treatment for about 8 to 18 months or even longer. Then this effect will slowly fade. Do you want to enjoy the result as long as possible? Then we recommend to combine injectables with our GLOW and HOME treatments. These treatments ensure that your skin is in good condition and with a healthy skin you enjoy the effects longer! In addition, we recommend repeating the treatment. Injectables can namely give an increasingly long-lasting result when you repeat the treatment with some regularity.

Include PRO Tightening in your Confidence Booster® annual plan?

Does this PRO treatment fit with your improvement wishes? During the intake interview we look at your face and together we determine whether we include this treatment in your personal annual plan. We almost always recommend repeating this PRO treatment and combining it with one or more of our GLOW skin therapy treatments and HOME skin care products. This is why we created the Confidence Booster® annual plan. With a holistic approach we would like to offer you a long-term plan which is exactly tailored to your needs and face. This way we can achieve the most beautiful and long-lasting effects and the most natural result together.

Do you have any questions?

First consultation worth € 50,- is free of charge.

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Do you have any questions?

First consultation worth € 50,- is free of charge.

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