What do you want to improve about your skin?

  • Do you look older than you feel?
  • Are you getting more and more troubled by lines and wrinkles?
  • Would you like to have something done about a coarser skin texture?
  • Would you like a firm and younger feeling skin?
  • Do you want to effectively inhibit your aging process?
  • Are you suffering from sagging skin?

Our treatment for wrinkles, sagging skin and coarse skin texture

Is this recognizable? Then a GLOW Rejuvenation combination treatment could be the right choice for you. Skin aging starts from the age of 25 and for some it is more visible than for others. Genes, lifestyle, hormones and skin care play a major role. The laugh lines that used to just go away in a relaxed face, suddenly remain and of course you do not want that. We can help you to keep smiling without worrying about the effect on your face. With a GLOW Rejuvenation treatment, you’re investing in long-term healthier and firmer skin, as well as a visible rejuvenation of your face.

What is GLOW Rejuvenation?

The GLOW Rejuvenation combination treatment is the perfect blend of treatments and techniques that we apply side by side (different skin zones) or on top of each other (same skin zone). This blend is specifically designed to soften, tone and renew aging skin with wrinkles and lines. The GLOW Rejuvenation treatment is a combination of several techniques.

You start at home with:

A HOME treatment with cosmeceuticals to stimulate cell renewal in the skin.

The treatment in the clinic consists of:

  • Various TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peels.
  • Microneedling and/or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser or pixel laser.
  • A hydrating or soothing (phytocorrective) mask.
  • Aftercare with cosmeceuticals at home.

The unique recipe to effectively rejuvenate your skin.

What makes our GLOW treatments unique?

Each skin area often has different needs. For example, you may suffer from lines around your mouth, a coarser skin texture on the nose and pigmentation on the forehead. The uniqueness of our GLOW treatments is that in one session we treat the same skin zone with different techniques, to penetrate deeply, but also treat different skin zones. This all comes under one combination treatment which we call GLOW treatment. Why do we do it this way? We have experienced and proven that in this way we can achieve faster, more effective and better results for your face.

The GLOW Rejuvenation step by step plan

We start with a free intake in which your wishes are central. Together we look at the needs of your skin in your face, neck, cleavage and / or hands at that time. We then recommend which HOME skincare and treatments we think are most suitable for you. Do any PRO treatments fit your needs (think of fillers and Botox®)? Together we come to a personal customized plan to make you and your skin shine. We also give you an indication of the costs.

You can start at home with our HOME skin care cosmeceuticals to stimulate cell renewal. These cosmeceuticals have a high concentration of active ingredients such as antioxidants, retinol (vitamin A), vitamin E and vitamin C. By starting at home with the preparation of your skin you reduce the risk of a skin reaction after the treatment. Your skin has already become accustomed to certain ingredients that we use during the treatment. With the right products you ensure that your skin is as receptive as possible to the treatment.

The treatment session in the clinic consists of several parts. We select the appropriate peeling for your skin, for example a peeling with glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) from 15% to 18% and vitamin C. We combine this with microneedling. With microneedling we make small holes in the skin, which provides an even deeper effect. The skin will then heal itself and in that process it produces collagen, among other things, which improves the skin texture. Next, we can use IPL or pixel laser against wrinkles, discoloration and to provide skin tightening. Finally, we apply a hydrating or calming (phytocorrective) mask. This session with these different treatments takes an average of 45 to 60 minutes.

You will be given comprehensive aftercare instructions after each treatment, so you know exactly what to do and what to expect. It is important that you let your skin rest. Your skin can be a bit redder and can also feel tight and warm, this will not last longer than one day. Depending on the peeling some flaking may occur, with a mild peeling this is minimal, with a more intensive peeling this will last up to one week. After the pixel laser small dot prints may be visible for a few days. In the first week after treatment avoid peeling creams, scrubs and masks with lots of perfume. Also make sure that you do not go out in the bright sun or undergo massages and beauty treatments for four weeks. With specially selected HOME-treatment products for your skin, you ensure appropriate aftercare at home. Do you have questions about aftercare? Your skin therapist will be happy to help you – even after the treatment.

Your skin is calmer and smoother and visibly in better condition. For long lasting results and a permanently improved skin condition, we recommend repeating this treatment. An initial GLOW rejuvenation treatment is lighter and we build up the intensity to maintain the results and permanently delay skin aging.

Zones Losse behandeling Per 4 (15% korting) Per 6 (18% korting)
Ogen of rondom mond €149,- €127,- (€508,- totaal) €122,- (€732,- totaal)
Ogen of rondom mond+ €199,- €169,- (€676,- totaal) €163,- (€978,- totaal)
Decolleté of hals €199,- €169,- (€676,- totaal) €163,- (€978,- totaal)
Decolleté of hals+ €249,- €212,- (€848,- totaal) €204,- (€1224,- totaal)
Hals en decolleté €299,- €254,- (€1016,- totaal) €245,- (€1470,- totaal)
Hals en decolleté+ €349,- €297,- (€1188,- totaal) €286,- (€1716,- totaal)
Full face €299,- €254,- (€1016,- totaal) €245,- (€1470,- totaal)
Full face+ €349,- €297,- (€1188,- totaal) €286,- (€1716,- totaal)

GLOW Rejuvenation in your Confidence Booster® annual plan?

Does this GLOW treatment fit your skin and your improvement needs? During the intake we look at your face and determine together if we include this treatment in your personal plan. We also determine what frequency will give the best results. We almost always recommend multiple treatments. Research shows that skin treatments in a course give the best and fastest results, think of an average of 4 to 6 treatments and then maintenance treatments. The GLOW Rejuvenation treatment we often combine with one of our PRO treatments, as this often provides even better results. Should one or more of our PRO treatments be a good addition for you, then we will include these together with the GLOW Rejuvenation in your personal plan.

Do you have any questions?

First consultation worth € 50,- is free of charge.

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Do you have any questions?

First consultation worth € 50,- is free of charge.

News, actions and facts

Want to receive promotions, vacancies or Beauty news?

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