Duin & Dael Clinic takes up residence in characteristic Wassenaar property

The beautifully restored former Groene Kruis building occupies a prominent position on the corner of the Herenweg, directly opposite the windmill in the heart of Wassenaar town centre. It once provided nursing, elderly care, maternity care and vaccinations to the municipality’s residents and was instantly recognisable by the green cross above its entrance, which was also restored during the extensive renovations. Now, many years later, the building is set to enjoy a new role in care.

Duin & Dael, a multidisciplinary clinic for dentistry, oral care, orthodontics and cosmetic medicine, will open its doors in mid-May. The clinic’s founders and owners, Martijn Voorthuis and Valerie Vanmaele, had long dreamt of building a prestigious clinic in their hometown of Wassenaar. That dream becomes a reality with the opening of the Duin & Dael Clinic, where numerous medical disciplines coalesce.

Aesthetic dentist and clinic director, Valerie, perceives numerous advantages in the multidisciplinary collaboration at Duin & Dael. “Clients can visit us for a variety of different treatments. In addition to check-ups, conservative dentistry and oral hygiene, we also perform specialist aesthetic dentistry and orthodontic work. We boast the latest digital equipment, apply innovative techniques and have a team of specialised dentists at our disposal. Everything is under one roof, resulting in short communication lines and enabling efficient collaboration on clients’ treatment plans.” The dentists are affiliated with the KRT (Quality Register for Dentists) and KNMT (Professional Association for Dentists, Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists), whilst Valerie is a member of DAED (Dutch Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry).

Martijn earned his stripes in marketing at various major companies, including Unilever and FrieslandCampina. For Duin & Dael, he has a clear positioning in mind. “We’re keen to cater to the needs of Wassenaar’s residents and envisage an unequivocally local role for our clinic.

Duin & Dael convenes numerous medical specialisations, the finest doctors and the latest technology under one roof, allowing us to distinguish ourselves from other practices in the area. We’re consequently able to refer patients internally, thus avoiding waiting lists and other inconveniences. This is illustrated, for example, in the collaboration with our oral surgeons, who perform surgical treatments (such as dental implants, difficult extractions and root-end resections) on site at Duin & Dael. We’re also open three evenings per week and children and adults can visit us for orthodontic care on Saturdays. The rates for our care are set by the NZA (Dutch Healthcare Authority) and therefore correspond to those of other practices. These features combined make the Duin & Dael Clinic unique.”

In addition to (aesthetic) dentistry and orthodontic care, the clinic also performs cosmetic procedures. These include injectables (e.g. Botox and fillers) and medical treatments, such as eyelid correction. To this end, Duin & Dael have entered into an intensive partnership with the Van Lennep Clinic, the leading cosmetic specialists in the region with clinics in The Hague and Oegstgeest.

The Van Lennep Clinic specialises in professional skin improvement and injectables. Owner and eminent cosmetic doctor, Ludy Holst, grew up in Wassenaar. The return to her hometown has consequently fulfilled a long-cherished dream of her own. Ludy is a BIG (Individual Health Care Professions Act) registered physician and KNMG (Royal Dutch Medical Association) cosmetic doctor. She is also a trainer at the NVCG (Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine), and works closely with skin therapists and a dedicated team of plastic surgeons.

The Duin & Dael Clinic opens its doors on Monday 18 May. You can register via the website, which also contains information about the team, treatments and (NZA) rates. You can alternatively visit the beautiful building (opposite the windmill in Wassenaar town centre) in person.


Kliniek Duin & Dael
Herenweg 1
070 – 200 72 98


Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 08:00 – 21:00.
Wednesday and Friday from 08:00 – 18:00
Orthodontic appointments are also available on Saturdays.


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