Product & Aanbiedingen


Product & Aanbiedingen

2 Aug

The power of Vitamin B3 – or Niacinamide

  Do you already have skincare products with vitamin B3 in your cupboard? Chances are that after reading this blog you’ll be (even more) convinced to start using it! Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is an effective and much-talked-about ingredient in daily skincare. This beloved ingredient can be used for all skin types and […]


26 Jul

Summer Essentials

  Rain or shine, applying an SPF is part of the daily routine. At the clinic, we have appropriate products available for every desire and skin type. We listed some of Van Lennep’s favorites below.    Environ’s RAD SPF 15     “RAD SPF 15 is the perfect daily protection against the harmful effects of […]


21 Jul

This is why you should add vitamin C to your skincare routine

If your skin has an uneven complexion, rough texture, acne scars, a dull appearance or fine lines, vitamin C is the solution! Vitamin C is the best-researched cosmetic ingredient that truly improves skin. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen and therefore the firming of the skin. Skin therapist Isla explains all about […]


24 Nov

Why an increasing number of men are accentuating their jawline using fillers

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